Se oplæg fra Future Design-konferencen

Nu er oplæggene fra DDC-konferencen Future Design i september tilgængelige på video. Se en række talere fra ind- og udland præsentere deres syn på aktuelle tendenser indenfor design og innovation i den digitale tidsalder.

Konferencen ’Future Design – Innovation in a Digital World’ satte spot på de kræfter, der netop nu driver innovationen i erhvervsliv og samfund, og på modeller og vilkår for innovation.  Se videoer af præsentationerne her (på engelsk):

Jørgen Rosted: ‘Future Design – Innovation in a Digital World
Key findings from the research made by DDC about New Innovation Actors – Design and Technology in Interest of Society. Jørgen Rosted is Special Advisor, former Permanent Secretary and Founder of Rosted Rådgivning

Christian von Scholten: Creating innovative products, solutions and opportunities
A new type of innovative start-up companies challenge the big and established players by designing user driven and high level technical solutions. Start-up companies offer new opportunities for collaboration with the big corporations with opportunities for developing new business areas. Christian von Scholten is Founder of NorthQ.

Simona Maschi: Incubating design-led talents of tomorrow
Which skills are crucial for the coming generation of designers in order to respond to the companies need for new ways of innovation? CIID’s education in interaction design derives from a strong faculty of design and technology experts and knowledge deriving from CIID working as consultants and researchers for industry partners. Simona Maschi is CEO of Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

John Mathers: The Future role of Designers
The future roles of design and designers, through examining their shifting roles against the context of our increasingly digitized and urbanized world. John Mathers is CEO of Design Council.

Mikal Hallstrup: Mikal Hallstrup: Innovation in the corporate world
Corporations already have all it takes to innovate – expertise, experience, talent, and technology. Innovation should be easy, but somehow it remains hard. Why are corporations often struggling when it comes to innovating? Mikal focuses on the challenges and opportunities – and on the need for a new corporate innovation mindset. Mikal Hallstrup is Chief Visionary Officer and Partner in Designit.

Anne-Dorthe Josiassen (video): Design and Technology in the Interest of Society
An increasing number of companies are engaging in experimental partnerships with the new innovation actors. There is a need for new innovation models and laboratories for change. Anne Dorthe Josiassen is COO of Danish Design Centre.

Anders Eldrup: Systemic Innovation – the CLEAN Innovation Model
A new Danish model for creating systemic innovation. Examples and results from using the model. Anders Eldrup is Chairman of CLEAN (former Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster).

Peter B. Lange: Innovation and transformation. How to enable it and how to do it yourself
Technology is readily available and enables innovation cultures. Cultures in which innovation is used to drive disruption and to protect against being disrupted. Peter B. Lange is Executive IT-Architect of IBM Denmark.

Simon Giles: Technology should be servant of the Anthropologist
How we for too long have fixated on the technologies that we use and lost sight of the application and value for the users. Simon Giles is Head of Intelligent Cities Lead, Accenture.

Vinay Venkatraman: Data driven creative eco-system
How data is emerging as a new creative raw material. The interplay between design, data and science can drive new type of companies and ecosystem of creative economies. Vinay Venkatraman is founder and CEO of Leapcraft.

Jesper Nygård: Realdania: Catalytic philanthropy and collective impact
Realdania about their philanthropic strategy, catalytic philanthropy and collective impact. Based on partnerships, networks and dialogue Realdania aims to make a positive difference in solving some of society’s main challenges improving the quality of life for all through the built environment. Jesper Nygård is CEO of Realdania.