Invitation to Danish Design Centre seminar

Join a seminar about the new innovation landscape and how actors working in the field between technology and design can be crucial innovation partners to other companies. The seminar takes place on December 16.

Danish Design Centre published the report New Innovation Actors in September 2014. The report is a point of discussion, and we now invite you – the new innovation actors – to enrich the report with insights, opinions and experiences from your daily work and projects.

At the seminar we are opening up a dialogue on the opportunities new innovation actors face. How do you view the potentials and challenges for the future innovation landscape and cooperations with companies, how can we create a dialogue on new business models, collaborative constellations, meeting places and more? We also want to know what role the Danish Design Centre can play in this context, and how we can contribute to you meeting more relevant and new partners.

The agenda will be facilitated by the Danish Design Centre’s new CEO Christian Bason, and the day will also offer inspirational talks from entrepreneur Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Vanessa Carpenter from IdemoLab, Delta.

How to navigate in a fog

The exponential development of technology and the increasing digitization have fostered increasing complexity and lack of predictability for many companies. Some use the image that business leaders must learn how to navigate in a fog. It is no longer enough to be the market leader for single products. If companies want to be eligible and competitive, they must develop increasingly intelligent products and smart solutions with the user in mind. Thus, the unpredictability creates, among other things, a need for new knowledge and innovative forces.

We call you the new innovation actors; actors who are often born in the start-up environments and the digital age, born with design thinking in the DNA and developers of new solutions that can easily be mastered and used in a complex world. You are working multidisciplinary and often in collaboration with others, in which design, user understanding and mastery of advanced technology is key competences. When developing complex products and services, established companies increasingly demand strategic partners with these skills.

This new development is described in the report New Innovation Actors published by the Danish Design Centre in September 2014.

Time and Date

Tuesday, December 16, 9:00 to 12:00


Danish Design Centre
H. C. Andersens Boulevard 27
1553 Copenhagen V