Festive welcome to Christian Bason

Collaborative partners, board members, colleagues and friends of the house officially welcomed Christian Bason as new CEO of Danish Design Centre on 17. December.

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  • Christian Bason reception
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Head of the board of Danish Design Centre Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen officially congratulated Christian Bason with his new position as CEO of DDC. “We are very happy that it worked out, and we are certain that you are the right person for the job,” he said in his welcome speech.

Christian Bason emphasised both his humility towards his new position and his great ambitions for DDC and for Danish design.

“We have a design past in Denmark, that we can be very proud of. It lives with us, and several people in this room represent that, not only in terms of keeping that legacy alive, but also by developing it. At the same time, there is a great curiosity about what is the new? Where is design headed? And DDC should of course be able to represent and embrace both,” he said.

It is a privilege to be given the responsibility

Christian Bason also talked about the importance of DDC as an open house, where people feel welcome, and it was a great joy that around 100 partners, new and former colleagues, business connections and other friends of the house had showed up to welcome our new CEO and hear some of his thoughts on the future.

“2015 looks to be an exciting year. Several paths have already been laid out that I will be happy to take over and follow. There are also new paths that we are in the process of dreaming up, and probably several others will appear in the coming year. I am very certain, that many of the people present in this room, will somehow be involved in our work and projects in the year to come and further ahead. And I look very much forward to it! It is in many ways a dream position, being part of this, and it is a privilege to be given the responsibility.”