Denmark will focus on advanced production

A high-profile conference on February 27 puts focus on how Denmark can become an attractive country for advanced manufacturing, through the use of new technologies.

Technological developments are creating new opportunities for production in highly industrialized countries with relatively high salaries, such as Denmark, Germany and the United States. This has gained increasing attention in the Danish government as well as internationally.

In October 2014 the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs formed a production panel of 11 business leaders who will look at how we create a framework that enable Danish enterprises to exploit new technologies for advanced and resource-efficient production. 

“There is a close link between innovation and production process, where ideas can be tested and put into action.”

As input to their work the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs hosts the conference ‘Shaping the Strategy for Tomorrow’s Production’ on Friday, February 27 in Copenhagen.

The conference brings together key decision makers, business leaders, experts and organisations to discuss tomorrow’s production and share their views and ideas. High profile speakers with in depth knowledge of advanced manufacturing will discuss the opportunities in areas related to automation, robotics, The Internet of Things, M2M and Big Data.

 There is a close link between production and innovation

”The value of manufacturing jobs in advanced economies should not be underestimated. In addition to their economic value, there is also a close link between innovation and production process, where ideas can be tested and put into action,” says Niels B. Christiansen, Chair of The Production Council and CEO of Danfoss.

About the conference, the Danish Minister for Business and Growth, Henrik Sass Larsen says:
”We are in the verge of an industrial renaissance that will challenge our common understanding of production. The use of new technological advancements will redefine how we think about production. We have to seize the opportunity to secure growth and jobs. This is what this conference is about.”

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