On Our Way

Idea- and design competition: How can we turn construction sites in cities into attractive urban spaces while we wait for them to be completed?

On Our Way Innosite
Until 2 March 2015 you can come up with ideas to how the city’s many construction sites can become attractive temporary urban spaces. Photo: Innosite.

Cities undergo changes while being used at the same time. When building a new home, we often wait to move in until the building project has finished and the home is ready for use. This is not the case for cities – even while they are undergoing changes and developments, we are still there, and continue to rely on their functioning throughout all of this.

In recent years, many Danish cities are being rebuilt and renovated, from the expansion of cycle paths across light rails, metro, train and motorways, to climate change adaptation projects, better waste sorting and the establishment of nature networks in cities. Projects that should create better cities, while also appealing to industry, the community and the economy. The actual execution process of the projects should also be appealing to the city’s residents. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Cities and the people living in them often suffer during the project execution phase because of poor infrastructure, blocked-off areas and unsightly construction site screens.

Through this ideas competition, the Association for Beautification of the Capital, CRAMO and Frederiksberg Forsyning want to rethink the concept of building sites in urban spaces. How can we transform something that normally would be seen as a disadvantage for a city, from a noisy area that people are forced to put up with, a barrier and an inconvenience, into a vibrant and appealing, temporary urban space that offers locals and passers-by a great place to live even while under construction?

The competition

The goal of the ideas competition is to find innovative solutions that rethink the concept of building sites in urban spaces to create greater value for a city’s residents. Solutions may take their starting point in the various challenges associated with construction sites in cities:

  • Objects
  • Flow and logistics
  • Functions

Assessment Criteria

A jury will choose the winning ideas after the competition has come to a close. The jury will announce the results after week 4. Entries will be assessed based on their creative and innovative qualities and against how realistic it would be to carry out the suggested solution. In their decision, the jurors will put particular emphasis on how the suggestion addresses and satisfies the following points:

  • Innovative
  • Invites public involvement
  • Generates activity
  • Realisable
  • Robust

Who can participate?

The competition is open to everyone, whether you are a creative professional or a citizen affected by the many building sites.


1st Prize: DKK 40,000
2nd Prize: DKK 25,000
3rd Prize: DKK 15,000

In addition to the above prizes, there will also be awarded a weekly prize for either the best idea submitted that week or to the most active member. Upload your entry early to get feedback and the chance to improve your suggested solution — or contribute with inspiration and knowledge to help others.

Competition Period

The competition is open to everyone, and entries may be uploaded starting 8 January and through to 2 March 2015. The deadline for uploading entries is 2nd March 2015 23:59 (GMT+1).

Read more and up load your idea at Innosite