Update on the European design policy landscape

The Design Policy Monitor 2015 is now online, reviewing innovation and design policies around Europe.

The Design Policy Monitor 2015 draws on the experiences of Sharing Experience Europe (SEE) to examine future trends in design policies and programmes. We also present insight into the performance of aspects of the European Design Innovation Ecosystem.

Since 2012, when this research was last conducted, design action plans have been developed in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France and Latvia as well as the European Commission. Furthermore, government spending on design has increased in a number of countries.

Over three years, the SEE partners have delivered 102 hands-on workshops to over 800 policy-makers on the themes of design policy, design support, service design, social design and design management. As a result of new research, workshops and advocacy by SEE partners, we have influenced 17 policies and 40 programmes.

The SEE Design, Innovation and Policy Conference is held on 10 February in the Flemish Parliament in Brussels. The conference focuses on design in the public sector, design support programmes and design policies.