Wanted: Creative problem solvers

The five Nordic capitals have joined forces to solve one of the biggest challenges the Nordic welfare model has ever faced - and invite both new and established innovators to participate in the Nordic Independent Living Challenge. Registration is now open.

The nordic population is ageing, and the demand for innovative solutions and technologies for the elderly and disabled is increasing. Today, elderly people represent 25 % of the entire Nordic adult population. This number will rise to 45 % in 2050. At the same time, between 13 and 21 % of the Nordic adult population report that they have some kind of disability.

This means there will soon be a dramatic increase of people in need of solutions that can increase their quality of life and help them be able to keep living independently.

To solve this, Nordic Innovation invites new and established innovators to come up with solutions that can increase the quality of life for the frail elderly and people with disabilities, and make it possible for them to live independently in their own home.

The competition runs in 4 stages from January 2015 to June 2016. The main prize is 1 million NOK. In addition, there is a 200.000 NOK cross-Nordic collaboration award and a 100.000 NOK student award.

The challenge is open for everyone in the nordic countries and registration is now open.

Deadline for submission of ideas: 18 March 2015.

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