DAC and DDC focus on the cross-section of architecture and design

The Danish Design Centre (DDC) and the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) present a series of talks that highlight and debate common themes and challenges in the fields of architecture and design practice.

Since early April, the DDC and part of DAC have both resided in Fæstningens Materialgård in central Copenhagen. The shared location represents an excellent opportunity to focus on the cross-section of design, architecture and urban planning.



In this series of six morning and afternoon talks, we invite Danish and international speakers to shed light on current trends and challenges that call for a strong interaction between architects and designers and discuss how the two disciplines can inspire each other – and perhaps initiate new collaborations.

The first Design&Architecture talk is held on 19 May and will be on the topic of Interaction Design or Nudging. The talk will be in Danish.

Read more about the Design&Architecture series (in Danish).

If any of the future talks are given in English it will be announced on our website.