Julie Hjort

Julie Hjort

Julie Hjort
Project Manager
Tel. +45 2575 8933

As project manager at the Danish Design Centre, Julie Hjort works with design in relation to technological development, co-creation and open source. With a background in culture and the arts, she is interested in exploring how creative environments, such as maker movements and cultural communities, can inspire industry and the public sector to adopt new ways of working and develop better solutions.

Julie views design as a tool and a method that has the potential to connect other disciplines and as a systematic approach to exploring new territories. Inspired by design thinking, she embraces an empathetic and experimental approach to problem-solving in her own work.

Currently, Julie is exploring how the designer’s role develops as advanced production technologies are becoming cheaper and more accessible, offering new ways of creating prototypes and developing products.

Prior to her position at the DDC, Julie has been involved in developing the maker movement in Denmark as head of the first Danish maker festival, MADE 2014, founded by Roskilde Festival. She is vice chairman of the board for Maker, a network organisation that aims to support and promote the maker movement in Denmark.

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