Design & Architecture p.m.: Big Data

How can we use Big Data to design and develop our cities? That is the topic for this edition of the Danish Architecture Centre and the Danish Design Centre's joint professional meetings that puts topical themes in the field of design, construction and urban development up for debate.

Foto: Copenhagen Connecting (
Data connect the city. Photo: Copenhagen Connecting (

Big Data is the gathering and analyzing og a large amount of data – but how can we use Big Data to design and develop buildings and cities?

Big Data gives us an enormous knowledge about behaviour which can help us design better and smarter solutions when we e.g. need to find parking lots in the city or when we build new homes.

The Danish Design Centre and The Danish Architecture Centre invites you to presentations and debate when two experts in the field discusses the subject of Big Data with focus on the development of smart cities.

Registration: Participation is free.
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The event will be held in English.


Rikke Gram HansenRikke Gram-Hansen
Rikke has a background in urban studies and philosophy. She is interested in how digital technologies and data influences the city and its citizens and how they can be used actively in urban planning. Rikke works in Copenhagen Solutions Lab with a new test area in the inner city of Copenhagen where you can try out new technololgies that can solve some of the city’s challenges in an intelligent way e.g. traffic control, air pollution and resilience towards cloudbursts. Copenhagen Solutions Lab is a new innovation hub – under the municipality of Copenhagen – with focus on smart cities and green data-driven city-solutions.

Vinay VenkatramanVinay Venkatraman
Vinay Venkatraman is CEO and founder of Leapcraft – a Big Data and IOT-driven consultant firm based in Denmark. Vinay Venkatraman is also co-founder of CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design). He develops strategies and content for several actors by consulting, teaching and research initiatives. Vinay Venkatraman is trained as a product- and interaction designer in India and Italy. His interdisciplinary approach to design spans over a broad spectrum from the design of consumer products to software and visual effects.