Sprout Talent Week Lab: Sensing the City

Five days of hacks, talks, and design thinking


How can data visualize the value of cultural interaction? Can we measure the transformational effects of social and cultural behavior? How can we tell compelling stories with data? These are among the questions asked and answered in Sprout Talent Week 2015: Five days of hacks, labs and talks for a smarter city.

From August 17-21, in collaboration with Danish Architecture Centre, Dome of Visions, Alexandra Institute and Copenhagen Solutions Lab, we’re inviting you to join Sprout Talent Week 2015 which features two week-long labs for a limited number of participants and a program of talks which is open to the public.

Danish Design Centre will be facilitating one of two labs titled “Sensing The City”, which will enable participants to dive into data to visualize and tell stories, and in doing so also learn about design thinking methodologies. Sprout Talent Week 2015 is for up-and-coming urban innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and students interested in the physical, social and urban space of a smarter city.

To inspire reflection around solutions for the climate challenges we’re facing, the Dome of Visions, over an extensive period of time, has been compiling indoor climate data that registers temperature, humidity and co2-levels in their structure. This data allows analysis of atmospheric reactions to events and physical activities inside the venue. During the course of the Sensing The City lab participants will work to collect, interpret and visualize this data in order to produce a physical or digital data-visualisation that tells a story about the Dome of Visions and the people who use it.

The lab is designed as a design thinking process where participants will learn how to develop concepts through quick loops of research, idea generation, prototyping and tests. With inputs and tools from designers, makers, artists and engineers the lab offers hands-on resources and inspiration for the participants to work together tangibly, creatively and digitally in interdisciplinary groups. As a grand finale, at the end of the week, all groups will display and showcase their work in a joint exhibition and celebration that is open for the public.

Alongside the labs Sprout Talent Week 2015 will furthermore feature a program of inspirational talks by key speakers from different industries and fields. The program will  offer interesting takes and perspective on urban development, future smart cities, active citizenry, IoT and much more.

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