design a.m. and other seminars

On an ongoing basis, the DDC hosts thematic seminars for the design industry, business, industry and the public sector to present new knowledge about design, the future role of design and business partnerships for innovation.

The DDC hosts regular morning seminars under the heading design a.m. Here we address relevant topics, share them with our network and offer the participants an opportunity to share their own thoughts and ideas and build new relationships.

In addition to the DDC’s own seminars, we also work with relevant actors with matching messages and target groups. For example, the DDC is co-hosting a series of four seminars together with the Copenhagen Business School, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation and Designmuseum Danmark. The DDC also contributes to a series of workshops hosted by CKO (Center for Cultural and Experience Economy).

Target group: The seminars are mainly business-oriented, aimed at private companies, designers, creative professions, public sector actors and the civil society.

Value: The seminars provide inspiration, knowledge and an opportunity for the participants to share their thoughts and ideas and to build new networks aimed at future partnerships and collaboration.