A partnership programme for companies and designers who work together to solve innovation challenges.


The overall ambition for the PLUS programme is to contribute to the competitiveness, growth and job creation capacity of the participating companies. The programme is based on the Danish government’s growth plan and will be drawing on inspiration from the knowledge generated through the DDC’s work with new innovation actors.

The target groups for the PLUS programme includes large private companies, especially in manufacturing but also in the service sector, e.g. banks. They also include leading design firms and new innovation actors, that is, design-driven start-ups with high technology content.

Activities will include design-driven processes in close interactions between private companies, design firms and new innovation actors, including workshops, possibly field work, seminars, developing and testing prototypes, developing new technological solutions etc.

The value of the PLUS programme may consists of a wide range of results which it is still to early to specify, but which may include:

  • New knowledge about promoting the innovation capacity of large companies
  • New business concepts and models
  • Prototypes of new products or services
  • New forms of collaboration or alliances between large companies, design firms and start-ups.

This programme is sponsored by The Market Development Fund with the purpose of:

“ establishing a partnership that brings design capabilities into the industry to meet innovation challenges, and to give designers and design companies the opportunity to strengthen their competence within market development.”

The PLUS project is currently at a pilot stage, and will launch in 2016.

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