Scaling Design DK

The DDC is developing an ambitious accelerator programme for small design-driven companies that possess a growth potential. The programme is launched in a joint initiative with the Danish Business Authority , Copenhagen Business School , Babson University, World Economic Forum and others.

Danish companies have a leading position in the development of product design. A less well-known fact is that the majority of these companies remain small, and that many of their owners are wondering how to improve their access to global markets and influence development and demand while generating sufficient earnings to make such an initiative sustainable.

The target group consists of small design-driven companies with growth ambitions that develop designs for the consumer market.

Activities will be implemented in two stages. Stage one involves a workshop for small product design firms and selected stakeholders on 5 March 2015. The goal of the workshop is to gauge the need for growth and the interest for taking part in an accelerator/scaling process. If the workshop identifies a substantial need, the next stage will involve a six-to-eight-month growth programme for selected companies. Overall, the programme will be aimed at identifying and activating key actors in the ecosystem surrounding the companies that are being scaled and at designing and executing a targeted development process for the companies.

The value of Scaling Design DK may include the following:

  • Increased growth and job creation in the participating companies
  • New knowledge about growth potentials for small product design firms
  • New knowledge about ecosystems as a method for growth
  • The development and testing of methods for activating the ecosystem, including an assessment to identify which of the primary stakeholders in the ecosystem are relevant for Danish product design firms
  • The development of growth programmes that the DDC will be able to apply in other contexts.

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